protec dive center Price List

Price List

ProTec Dive Centers price lists are structured in daily rate cost that apply for every day of training you do at your training level and include almost everything. Please visit our frequent asked questions in relation to training programs and price list questions.

We have separate price lists for guided cavern tours, guided cave diving, expenses such as air, ean32, oxygen & helium fills plus Co2 absorbent, rental equipment such as sidemount, CCR and double tank rental, DPV and Rebreather rental, airport transfer and more. If you like to learn more please send us a email to and we are happy to email you these price lists.

Included in these daily training rates are transport from dive store to and from dive site, Cenote entrance fees, any rental tanks, any needed breathing gases such as air, ean32 and all oxygen for CCR Rebreather divers needed for particular training program, Co2 absorbent Sofnolime for fresh fills every day in CCR Rebreather related programs.

Not included are manuals and c-cards we would like you to purchase ahead of time and read before arrival, helium based mixes (ask for separate price list for standard mixes we use), boat fees (varies due to location, we require ocean diving for some programs), CCR Rebreather rental, DPV rental, lunch and refereshment drinks for training program surface intervals.

Below are some of the diver level training programs we offer. If you are looking for something and it is not listed please send us a email to and we send you a complete price list

Training Level Daily Rate Duration
Essential Diver training program $230 USD 2 days min. [1]
Cavern tour $130 USD 5-6 hours
Cavern tour private $160 USD 5-6 hours
Cavern, Intro, Cave Diver training program $250 USD 4,6,9 days min.
Basic Sidemount training program $250 USD 4 days min.
Advanced Sidemount Cave Diver training program $270 USD 3 days min.
Basic DPV Diver training program $250 USD 4 days min.
Advanced DPV Cave Diver training program $270 USD 3 days min.
Technical Cave Diver training program $270 USD 4 days min.
Trimix Cave Diver training program $270 USD 3 days min.
Stage Cave Diver training program $250 USD 3 days min.
Multi Stage Cave Diver training program $270 USD 3 days min.
CCR Cave Diver cross over program $350 USD 4 days min.
CCR Cave Diver training program $350 USD 9 days min.
Advanced Nitrox Diver training program  $250 USD 5 days min.
Normoxic Trimix Diver training program $250 USD  5 days min.
Hypoxic Trimix Diver training program $270 USD 4 days min.
Eanx Blender training program $230 USD 1 days min.
CCR Rebreather MOD1 Diver training program $350 USD 7 days min.
CCR Rebreather MOD2 Diver training program $350 USD 5 days min.
CCR Rebreather cross over Diver training program $350 USD 4 days min.
CCR Intro Cave Diver training program $350 USD 6 days min.

[1] based on Cenote diving only

Daily training rates above are in U.S. Dollar per day and per person. All prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Manual prices are between $44.00 usd and $115.00 usd depending on training level. We would like you to get and read the manual prior of your arrival.
  • Diver registration fee with training agency is $40.00 usd per diver per level.
  • DPV Scooter rental $ 100.00 usd per day. During Adv. DPV course 2nd DPV rental 50% off and free DPV rental after Adv. DPV course for the remainder of your diving vacation.
  • CCR Rebreather rental $ 100.00 usd per day.
  • 16% I.V.A. tax is included in all prices.